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White Witch of The Moon

Magic Spell Candle - Success (Lavender & Fennel) 🌟

Magic Spell Candle - Success (Lavender & Fennel) 🌟

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Soy wax Candle with AMETHYST gemstones and LAVENDER Β & FENNEL fragrance

Magic Spell Candle - Success prompts you to attain your ambitions, draw in abundance, and welcome prosperity. It's embedded with genuine Amethyst, a symbol of success, said to provide mental lucidity, internal might, and spiritual growth. The energizing aromas of fennel and lavender, known to motivate and stimulate, help create an aura of resoluteness, purpose, and success, while the calming fragrance of lavender adds to the feeling of success and optimism.

These are Soy Wax Candles.Β Soy wax has remarkable scent-retaining capabilities, which allow it to gradually disperse fragrance as it is burned. Additionally, soybean candles burn more efficiently and produce less wax residue than paraffin candles, making them the ideal choice for those seeking a cleaner burn.

How to use your Spell Candle: Choose a candle or combination of candles to symbolize the most cherished aspirations in your life. Create a special place in your home for your mini altar with the candle at its center, and surround it with personal belongings, photographs, jewelry, and gemstones. Allow the candle to sit peacefully without lighting it right away.

When you're ready, light the candle; use the time in stillness and contemplation. After the candle has fully burned, submerge the remainder in hot water and remove the gemstones that have been revealed. Use the stones to permanently harness the energy and power of the ritual.

The glass candle tube may be recycled and repurposed, such as for keeping items or displaying a flower.

* Burning time: 50 hours - Soy wax Candle

* Weight: 280g H: 20cm D: 5cmΒ 

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Success candle

Packaged with care and arrived safely πŸ’• this candle has calming lavender πŸ’œ and the spicy star anise scent of fennel perfect for lighting when focusing on goals ✨️ beautiful amethyst gem stones add extra power and glisten, illuminated by flame 😍