Our crystals are responsibly sourced to the absolute best of our ability and this has always been very important to us. We are fortunate to work closely with reputable suppliers with whom we have established trusting, professional relationships and now close friendships with. We also visit rock and gem shows whenever possible, where we have sourced crystals from an array of experienced exhibitors. We source our crystalsΒ mainly from the UK, Madagascar, Indonesia, USA and Brazil. We also visit rock and gem shows whenever possible to hand pick beads.

We are mindful of the crystal chain and make a conscious effort to try and ensure that our crystals are sourced under ethical conditions. We have good faith in our suppliers and wouldn’t work with anyone who we didn’t believe shared our views.Β 

Our profits go towards the care of our 16 rescue animals (read our story in the About Us section) so the ethos behind our business is nothing but pure and we want nothing but the best for everyone involved. We pride ourselves on selling high quality and beautiful crystals and we work extremely hard daily to ensure that our customers are well looked after and that our animals are living their best lives possible. 😊 

Our crystals often require bubble wrap to ensure they reach you safely. However, it is always recycled from our delivery boxes and never bought in.Β