You can contact us using the "chat with us!" widget on your screen if you have any questions or need guidance on what crystals to choose. We are always happy to help.

Custom and Personalised Orders

The only customised items we can create at this time are our beaded bracelets which are made to order. Please contact us if you require a specific bracelet/s.

Care Instructions

If you purchased a bracelet, please see instructions for use:
Roll on and off your hand. This will protect the elastic and stop it from weakening.

Remove your bracelet before bathing, not only do some crystals not like water but this could also weaken the elastic. When you remove it keep it in the same room as you so the stones energy stay within your aura.

All crystals must be cleansed and charged under every full moon to get the most of mother earths benefits and to reach their full potential when powerfully tuning into your energy. Each piece will be cleansed and charged before dispatch.

Because your Sacred gemstone bracelet/amulet is an 'energy piece', the ultimate sign that the bracelet has caused a breakthrough to occur is when a crystal or gemstone may crack or the amulet's wire may break. This means that the bracelet/amulet has given all of its energy to you and can do no more, then out of respect for your beloved stones you must find the remaining stones and bury them back into mother earth.