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White Witch of The Moon

Smoky Citrine Palm Stones 6.5cm

Smoky Citrine Palm Stones 6.5cm

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Beautiful Smoky Citrine Palm Stones 65mm. You will receive 1 x palm stone.

You can use palm stones for many purposes, including relaxation, energy boost, protection, and meditation. Holding a palm stone in your hand creates a strong connection between the stone's energy and your energy field or aura.

Smoky citrine is a mixture of citrine and smoky quartz, these are not heat treated.

Depending on the amount of smoky quartz included is how dark the crystal is. A truly beautiful and sought after combination.

Can be a gift for loved ones, friends or a treat to yourself.

Comes in an organza bag.

PER ORDER you will receive a complimentary crystal that will be chosen intuitively and an oracle card.

Instructions for how to cleanse and charge will also be included.

The pictures shown are current batch photos and therefore an accurate representation of the stone you will receive.

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