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White Witch of The Moon

Golden Healer Quartz Teardrop Pendants

Golden Healer Quartz Teardrop Pendants

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Golden healer quartz teardrop in 18ct electroplated gold pendants are hung on an 18" + 2" adjustable chain.


- emits the same high vibration we gold

- activates the crown chakra as it is a universal master healer

- raise vibrations, intent, and dissolves and releases blockages

- enhances joy, balances yin and yang energies and aligns all chakras.

Comes in a gift bag.

PER ORDER you will receive a complimentary crystal that will be chosen intuitively and an oracle card.

Instructions for how to cleanse and charge will also be included.

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Customer Reviews

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A real beauty.

It was love at first sight. Golden Healer is another fave stone.
It came in a lovely gift box with a couple of tumbles which was a lovely touch. This is a gem of a small family business. Highly recommend them. Both are always super helpful and full of knowledge.